Saturday, May 3, 2008

"And here's the movie theater, where you can see the Wrath of Reggie.." - Route 14 Bus Driver

I love Seattle bus drivers. They are most often extraordinarily kind and helpful, and also funny.

I was going home from a birthday party and got on the same bus as Reggie and his mom. Reggie was already crying at this point, and he cried the whole bus ride. He wasn't interested in food, water, books, or toys. Nor was he interested in the people across from him trying to make funny faces or sing to him. This was the point at which we passed the movie theater.

The man across the aisle suggested beer as a way to quiet the kid, and then said the ride would be enriched by everyone getting two beers. He was entirely serious, and entirely in his own world.

I think every politician should have to ride a bus route that goes to hospitals serving rehab patients, or to sections of town that don't have great tax bases. I think they would learn some things.

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