Monday, May 19, 2008

"I wasn't going to say anything, but what does 'show too much feet' mean?" - Cab

Working for an organization that is undergoing a lot of transition has its upsides and downsides. Upside: You get to influence office culture. Downside: You get to influence office culture.

The powers that be are determining a dress code since someone new asked for clarification about what's appropriate and what's not. I would like the new person to be taken out at dawn and shot by firing squad for the commotion this caused among longtime staff members. (I'm also a recent hire, but my personal dress code is to not wear jeans to work, and this was working just fine for me. But I have a lot of professional formal clothes after working on the East Coast, and I forget people here don't really do that. But I do it because it makes me feel like I'm actually going to work. It's a costume, really.)

Because we live in Seattle, where everything must be done by consensus, the proposed dress code draft was discussed at the end of a staff meeting, with opportunity for feedback. I asked if I could make mine written, permission was granted, and I wrote down my opinion: "No shorts. Ever. Please." And then I left the discussion since that's all I felt like contributing.

But among the first lines of what's not appropriate:

"Showing too much cleavage, chest, stomach, feet, underwear." Cab asked for clarification about the feet, which I found funny, but also, we should have asked for clarification about the underwear. I mean, is it okay to show a little bit of underwear?

I vote no on that. Keep it under wraps, folks.


LK said...

One of my classroom policies is "At no point in time should any part of your undergarments be visible." Surprisingly, this one gets called into play a lot.

andrew said...

hmm. i wear jeans 4/5 days a week, but i never show cleavage, chest, stomach, feet, or underwear--except when i work from home.

i'd be overjoyed if i could wear flip flops to work.

cab said...

yes! i am in the blog!

Gretzky said...

Cab, how could I NOT add that one to the blog?

Andrew, I'm sorry you can't wear flip-flops. My personal dress code states that flip-flops are for home usage only, I'm not bothered by this one. In some cases, I'm grateful for it not being allowed.

LK, who would ever dare question your classroom policies???

LK said...

Oh, they don't question them. Often I just have to say, "Remember: ladies don't show their underwear in public." or "Put the goods away."

Okay, I don't normally say "put the goods away."

I will say, however, that ther are times that I would much rather see a bra-strap (the over the shoulder, not the around the back one) than see that there's no bra. In fact, I'm becoming a tank-top bra strap show-er, because, frankly, I gotta hold up the girls one way or another.