Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday at the Market

I have never in my life dressed up to go to the grocery store. Well, there've been a couple emergency trips pre-prom and pre-weddings, but those are major exceptions.

Dallas, however, is a different sort of place. People get dressed up to drop stuff off at the dump here. When in Rome...So this morning at the Farmer's Market, I had on a red cotton sundress and K8 a cute skirt, and we passed the farmers, smelling the sweet basil, which I wanted to take on the plane with me, it smelled so good. But I was afraid the Texas Basil would die from lack of heat in cool Washington air, and I didn't get any. As we walked past the cantelopes and watermelons:

Dallas Farmer: Are ya'll twins?

Gretzky: Yep.

Funny thing was, going back to the car, we passed two sets of twins, one around 4-ish, the other little guys of undeterminable age. (At least for me.)

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