Sunday, May 4, 2008

"blunt trauma. it'll take a couple years to grow back. "

Sadly, this was not overheard on a CSI episode, but in relation to my right toe, when dr. b was looking at the half of my toenail that remained - last week, half of it mysteriously fell off while I was gardening. No joke. One minute I was transplanting basil and snapdragons, and the next, I was wondering why in the world half my toenail was on the ground.

No mysterious fungus, no crazy insect bites, no weird gardening contagions. Just blunt trauma to the nail bed, and the damaged nail just has to keep growing, and it'll take a while.

My first thought was shit, I'm wearing flip-flops to the weddings this summer, and this looks disgusting. then i thought that was an awfully shallow thought to have, when I could have something wretched like cancer and be dying. Instead, it's just half a missing toenail. looks odd but in the scheme of things will be okay.

It still looks pretty weird though.

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