Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"I have David Cook's haircut. I'm just sayin." - K8

David Cook is thrilled with winning American Idol at this moment and I'm not trying to rain on his parade, but I have to be honest, he's okay, but really?

The news reporter (on FOX News, P.S.), says the "former bartender" just won, and I'm wondering if he really is a former bartender or if he's going to end up back serving beers and martinis in Missouri. I guess all the American Idols have gotten contracts or deals of some sort, eh? Clearly I'm not up on pop culture. at least this aspect. He won by 12 million votes. If only our presidential elections had such margins.

Cook's currently singing "This is the time of our lives." If this is the time of my life I think I'm missing a few things. Makeout sessions, for one.

K8 keeps getting compliments on her haircut, but isn't sure she likes it. It's short and spiky, I think it's fun and sassy. It also looks better than David Cook's. In other hair news, I think I'm growing mine out. That's the plan anyway. I might get really impatient, but I had so much fun putting it up the other day and I wanted it long immediately. It's going to take longer than immediately. this could be a good test of my patience, which we all know is extremely limited.

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