Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Just for the halibut."

Say it out loud.

This is a favorite of E’s parents, along with other punny sayings like “have a ferry good ferry ride.” I swear, it’s really funny in person.

But in honor of the Wire’s last and final season, I’d like to point out five -well, maybe seven - key things just for the halibut:

1) Slate reprinted the interview they did with David Simon last season.
2) They also had fun with reviews/anticipation/concerns of this season.
3) David Simon responded to Ubiquitous Marketing’s comments on the Wire, which Slate also added to their dialogue.
4) Salon’s best interview with David Simon.
5) Laura Miller’s excellent reasons why The Wire is the best show on television.

Have I convinced you yet?

Wait, there's more.

6) Sudhir Venkatesh's NY Times Freakonomics article today: What do Real Thugs Think of the Wire?

And I almost forgot our favorite local tv/movie critic:

7) New Yorker Profile of David Simon....

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